Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome. . . Thanks

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog.

I've been around golf for a bit now and am glad to have found a place to bring up topics for discussion and share articles and tips that I find intersting. 

I'm a young guy (23) and feel like I have a different perspective of the game than, say, my grandparents (who taught me how to golf when I was little) and look forward to sharing my thoughts and getting feedback on questions that come up every once in awhile. I live and play in Northern CA so alot of my experiences will be coming from the Sacramento area courses but tons of general info as well.

I'm always looking for a good blog to read as well so if youve got something interesting that you;d like to bring to the table, feel free. If you;d like to contribute to the blog, let me know. 

Thanks again for the support and I hope that you enjoy "simply put, golf"

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