Friday, May 29, 2009

Played 18 today!

Always a good day when you can spend a few hours on the course. 

Finally got to get out and play after a LONG HARD DAY of productive work! Twilight rate for 18 was $25 and that included a cart. Pretty good for how nice Turkey Creek is. Played with my boss and a couple of co-workers. Two were at my level and we had one newbie. Played a good round out there but have been noticing that I seem to waste about 1 shot per hole. I dont really know if thats going to change with experience or just my striking the ball better. I really do realize that I have ALOT to work on, but Im noticing that one shot per hole is just wasted. Get that under control and i guess Ill shave 18 strokes eh?

The question I want to pose to my low handicap readers is this: 
How long did it take you to feel comfortable over every shot? 

I realize nobody shoots a perfect round, everybody has shots that they wish they had back. BUT! There are some of you out there that don't even think about a mis-hit when you stand over the ball. 

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