Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Golfed Today!!!

At Darkhorse GC near Aubrun. Beautiful course, one of Golf Digests top 100. 

Pretty stoked too because I had a free pass to play out there. Although as I pulled up and popped my trunk I realized that I forgot my shoes at home. Garbage. So instead of spending $60 on green fees and getting a free day like I thought, I got to buy new golf shoes. Oh well, it was about time. 

Played with my boss again and then 2 of his friends. Played pretty good on the front and completely lost it on the back 9. 

Its tough at this point in my game because its inconsistent. If I knew that every shot was going to slice right then I could account for it but it seems like when I compensate for that I hit it perfectly and then Im left of where I should be. 

Anyone have any tips for me?

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